Tour Supply Edits “Playback Control” with an Allen & Heath Qu-16

Tour Supply Edits “Playback Control” with an Allen & Heath Qu-16FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - July 5, 2017 - Renowned pro touring provider, Tour Supply, has selected Allen & Heath’s Qu-16 rackmount digital mixer as the mixer of choice for its Playback Control System, supplied to well-known acts like Aerosmith, Kenny Chesney, Fifth Harmony, Motley Crue and Imagine Dragons.

With locations in Los Angeles, Nashville, St Paul (MN), Lititz (PA) and the UK (Manchester), Tour Supply bills itself as the “One Stop Shop for Touring Professionals Worldwide”. The company offers repair services and custom-built items including snakes and pedalboards along with a wide variety of supplies for touring professionals from gaffer’s tape and batteries to wireless systems and road cases.

William “Viggy” Vignola, a veteran audio designer, programmer, and drum/keyboard tech, joined forces with Tour Supply to create “Playback Control”, a playback and automation system that plays backing tracks and HD video and provides midi device control, DMX, and timecode services all in a rugged, portable package designed for the road.

Each Playback Control System is set up for a specific customer. Playback Control show files are created at Tour Supply’s facility in Nashville where an Allen & Heath Qu-16 provides monitor mixing and editing services for the studio’s Pro Tools rig.

Lance Wascom, Tour Supply CEO, commented, “The Qu-16 is a great console. It’s stable, it sounds great and it has all the features we need.”  Viggy Vignola added, “The layout is simple so you can get to everything fast and easy.  And the sound is ridiculous – my monitor speakers sound much better with the Qu-16!”

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