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Asher Fulero

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“Nord first came to my attention in 2001 when they announced the original Nord Electro, as I was dreadfully tired of maintaining my vintage keyboards (though I loved them). I anxiously awaited the first shipment and have used my original Electro 1 at hundreds of shows since then, saving both my back and the time I spent tuning my Wurly and Clav. But no matter how great it's been, I can say with conviction that for what I do there isn't a keyboard on the planet that could top my Nord Stage 88.

The NS88's interface is the ultimate combination of great sounds, intuitive layout design, on-the-fly 'playability', and hyper-customizable setup. Switching splits, adding/changing effects and swapping patches all MID-SONG has never been easier, and the simple-yet-ingenious system has honestly saved my life onstage more times than I can count, not to mention the gorgeous, flexible tone.

In the studio, I've used it for every genre under the sun and it has pulled it's weight every time; producers who know what it is smile when they see it come out of it's case, and those who don't just smile when they hear me play the first chord. The sounds cut through a stage mix but sit perfectly in a studio mix and offer more than enough tonal variation to work in any setting without needing external gear.

From jam to rock to jazz to funk to folk to classical the NS88 has proven itself. I can't gush enough about my Nords; everywhere I go I'm constantly fielding questions about 'that awesome sounding red beast'. I'm really excited to try out the new Electro 3 with access to the Nord Sample Library, and in general I'm excited for the future of Nord.” - Asher Fulero, keyboardist for Surrounded By Ninjas, The Everyone Orchestra, Remix Magazine 

Gear: Nord Piano, Electro 1, Stage 88


Asher Fulero is a busy man! He is the composer and producer for the new Surrounded By Ninjas album Disassociation Association, out now on ArtDamaged Records! He is just finishing up his first full-length solo acoustic piano album (a collection of delicate piano improvisations.) He’s also playing to sold out Pink Floyd tribute shows around the northwest with The Floydian Slips as well as James Brown Tribute shows with The Goodfoot All-Stars. You also might be able to catch him providing keyboards and vocals for the Everyone Orchestra as well as sit-ins and shared/guest nights with bands like Hot Buttered Rum, Izabella, Five Eyed Hand, Alpaca!, and Off The Grid. When he’s not rocking with the above-mentioned bands, he’s writing columns and gear reviews for Remix Magazine (print & web.) And of course, we cannot forget to mention Asher’s solo electronic project Halo Refuser, where mangled sounds and dirty beats meet the dance floor!

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