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“I'm no keyboard player, but every NORD piece of gear I've laid my beady little eyes on has been sparkly. I have a Wave. It is nice. It keeps me awake at night. It can do incredible things.

As an artist having never delved into the realm of hardware synthesizers, getting my grubby little hands on a NORD Wave is like taking off a stale scuba mask and breathing the fresh mountain air again. I've fooled around in the past with hardware synths -- hooking them up to a slew of guitar pedals and effects processors -- and not really getting anywhere. I am passionately in love with the Wave's onboard effects -- stereo delay and reverb specifically. It makes things so much easier and it lets me spend a lot more time eating burgers and drinking Mountain Dews backstage rather than kneeling on my creaky kneecaps on vomit-stained rock club stages fooling around with cables and pedals and effects and the like. You just plug it in, push down on the silky smooth ivory keys and noise comes out. It's incredible, really. I mean, drums and guitars and stuff? Who cares about those when you have a greasy NORD in your arms. Mmm... NORD ”- Adam Young

Gear: Nord Wave

In the state of Minnesota lies a small town called Owatonna with roughly twenty-two thousand inhabitants; within that city is a quiet road with a modest house. In that house there’s an unkempt basement with no windows. Within those confines you’ll find Adam Young of Owl City hard at work, creating his electronic and melodically infectious brand of music with a simple and singular beauty. Inside this “cave,” as Adam likes to describe it, he has begun to quickly win over a large audience thirsty for something genuine, something sublime.
Word of mouth began to spread for Adam’s music, with demands coming from various parts of the country for an album. Maybe I’m Dreaming, released in March of 2008, was Owl City’s full-length debut. The album has garnered great critical praise and is a clear representation of Owl City’s progression as an artist. Adam has become a phenomenon on MySpace with over 13 million profile views and over 25 million plays, which is outstanding in such a short span of time. It’s clear that, from his basement, Owl City is making a colossal impact on the music scene.
Owl City’s most recent LP, Ocean Eyes, released in July 2009 is already capturing the hearts and ears of many. Loaded with amazing loops, catchy pick-ups, and lyrics that soothe the mind and touch the heart, Adam
Young has once again created a lush listening experience. The first single, “Fireflies” has garnered fans across the globe, and has earned Owl City the number one single on the iTunes charts and the number one video on Vh1’s Top 20 Countdown.
Adam has heard a lot more people singing his words as he tours across North America to sold out crowds in the fall of 2009. Next up, China, Japan, Europe, and Australia will get to see Owl City live and in person.  “I’ve loved every minute of it so far, and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next.” So are we.

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