Mengesha Mystro Francis

Mengesha Mystro Francis Artist Profile: Mengesha Mystro Francis

 Current Gear: Nord Stage 2 88 

 Photo Taken by: Chuck Hendy  


"The Nord Stage 2 88, is truly a monster of a machine, The first thing I noticed in playing it for the first time, was how great the interface is with a wonderful combination of great vintage sounds. I now use the Stage 2 88 for all of my Synth Sounds It's very easy on stage to switch and change effects as well as swapping patches all while performing live. The second thing I noticed was how I am able to split the keyboard into two parts and use the bottom half as a midi controller. Having weighted keys has always been very important to me because i am a classically trained Pianist,so having the keys weighted gives me yet another reason to love this Keyboard. Using this Keyboard on stagein live shows gives me full power as a musician. All the artists thatI have played with currently, since using the Stage 2, have all ravedover the old school sounds I  can now create right there on the spot! The Stage 2, is now the main keyboard that i use on the road, as well as in the recording studio."  

 Artist Bio:

Mengesha was born Mengesha Issac Feseha (fa-say-ha), he is of Ethiopian/American descent. Mengesha goes by the stage name "Mystro" that was given to him by Rap Producer "Battlecat."

 "Mystro" is a native of South Central Los Angeles, and started playing piano at the tender age of five years old where he was classically trained.  He also learned and developed a playing style of Gospel, Hip-Hop and Jazz. Mystro's Piano and Keyboard influences range from Stravinsky, Thelonious Monk, Billy Preston, and Herbie Hancock.

 During his studies at UCLA and West LA College Mystro was discovered by music industry professionals. After continuing his training he worked as a music teacher with Heavenly Vision Christian Academy from 1991-1995.  During his tenure at Heavenly Vision, Mystro founded the Power of Music Children's Choir that made finalist in the 1995 McDonald's Gospel Fest.  Mystro worked professionally with seasoned Rap and R&B recording artists Jodeci; The Luniz and Dazzie Dee and he worked with Janet Jackson.  Mystro is a member of The Professional Musicians Union Local 47 since 2000. Some of his musical production work can be found on MCA Records; Capitol Records and Virgin Records.  In 2011 Mystro produced a Musical Medley Piano video tribute honoring Michael Jackson titled: "Michael Jacksonology."  The video was approved by John G. Branca and John McClain of the Michael Jackson Estate and was noted as one of the best tributes honoring the late King of Pop.

Most recently Mystro founded a jazz, pop band titled; The Mengesha Mystro Francis Trio.  Mystro is also a member of the Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop Band "American Me" founded in 2012.


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