Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

FOH Engineer
Chris Wilson

Lewitt Gear
MTP 440, MTP 540, Beat Pro Drum Kit 7 piece, MTP340,  MTP540 DMs, LCT 340

Lewitt Quote

"I love the Lewitt DTP640 REX kick mic. The dual capsule concept is wonderful idea. Using 2 separate mics for kick can cause problems and phase anomalies. Sometimes the kick-in mic can shift internally and change the sound. Having one mic with 2 capsules that is phase coherent prevents that. Having a switch to change from 3 different frequency ranges between the two capsules gives me many options to work with. I use it in the ++ mode. This mic has great hammer snap with the top end and the low end is fantastic even without a port hole to work with. Also, the tom mics-  reminded of the Sennheiser 604s- they have the same dynamic range but the Lewitt is a much better built mic. A lot of engineers will use the Beta 98 but the Beta 98 does not have the dynamic range as a larger diaphragm mic like the Lewitt DTP340 TT. I also enjoy using the MTP540 hand held vocal mic. I am able to get a lot of headroom with it. It has a great smooth sound even when up to close. I use the MTP440 for snare mic and guitar amplifiers. It is very smooth and does not distort at high dB. I used to use the Sennheiser e609 on distortion driven guitar amps but that mic added its own distortion at times,  it's also a little cumbersome.  The way the Lewitt mic is designed, it does a great job capturing the amp without adding unwanted artifacts.
With the proper paintbrushes an artist can paint incredible, vividly bold,  eye catching images. Having Lewitt on stage, was like having the finest painters brush. Thank you Lewitt for helping me paint a beautiful image for my audience!"


Chris started his touring career as a TM/FOH for T.Q. Management. He has worked with artists such as Vanilla Ice and Forever the Sickest Kids doing a lot of one-off''s and such. He  also toured with a few of their rising stars, Shorelines End and Matt Broudure. In 2012 he began mixing tours for The Rocket Summer.  He is out on the road two to three times a year depending on album cycle.He has also survived two Vans Warped Tour runs and several others including opening acts for Plain White T’s, Chevelle, ICONA POP, and Switchfoot.

When he is not on tour he books local shows as a FOH/PM/TD/ST. He also mixes for Fielder Church in Arlington, Texas. It’s a 3k seat bowl with a profile at FOH. They take the contemporary feel of church to another level with full show value.
In early August 2014 he had the opportunity to begin a new adventure as system engineer for Tectonic Audio Labs. He now has the pleasure of traveling the country running demo shows & promoting their revolutionary new speaker technology. He is looking forward to seeing how this experience not only changes his career but also our industry as a whole.


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