Chris Kilmore

Chris Kilmore

Chris Kilmore


What Chris has to say about nord

"I love the nord C2D because of its mobility. when you can't travel with a real b3, there is nothing better than a nord. it doesn't just fill in for the b3 either. its midi capabilities allow it to become whatever is needed… piano, mellotron, wurly…. whatever. i love it."


nord C2D, nord Electro 5D61

Chris Kilmore has been a DJ since the tender age of 13. Fueled by his love of music, he has been rocking parties since his 8th grade middle school dances. Little did he know, his dedication and hard work would evolve into a career of worldwide recognition as the turntablist and keyboardist of the band Incubus.

After DJ'ing through his high school years in Dillsburg, PA, DJ Kilmore, or Kil (as friends call him) moved to Washington D.C. to attend George Washington University. Here, he started to gain popularity and respect on the turntables at events all over the city. What started as a childhood hobby was now on its way to being Kil's passion and in October 1995, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his musical ambitions.

He quickly joined the Jedi Knights DJ Crew and along with the likes of DJ MindFrame, Nel-E-Nel and the late DJ Dusk. While exploring the LA DJ scene with the Jedi Knights, Kil put the similarities of team competitions and live bands together. He got involved with a few local acts, which led to a phone call that would change his life forever.

Beyond his technical prowess as a battle DJ, Kil is also a musicologist with a vast knowledge of music past, present and future. His sets range from Reggae, Classic Soul, Hip Hop, Rap, Dub Step and Electronica.


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