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Chris Gebhard has been performing with numerous local and touring acts - Suzanna Choffel, Patrice Pike, Rick Trevino, Sara Hickman, Jon Langford, Song Division, Bruce Robison, Bob Schneider, Billy Harvey, Future Clouds and Radar, Robin Ludwick, Skyrocket, Radiogold , Argyles, Ramy Antoun, Kacy Crowley, and many others. Chris also has been recording with Robyn Ludwick, Wrenfro, Cotton Mather, Ramy Antoun, and in collaboration with dance coreographer Toni Bravo , Blue Rock studios in Wimberley Texas, as well as his own Murmuration studio and his own original project Sheboygan, and numerous solo pop, rock, and jazz recordings……


nord gear

Gear - nord Electro 5D 61, nord Stage 3, nord Lead


What Chris say's about nord

nord keyboards are built to tour - over the last 15 years I've played them in 105 degree summer heat and 30 degree snowing outdoor stages - never a problem! But the main thing about nord is that, just like a great guitar, it pulls creativity and expression out. I love the portability, versatility, and sonic possibilities of my nord Electro 5D and nord Stage 3. 

Chris Gebhard....multi-instrumentalst, songwriter, touring freelance artist.





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