Chip Greene

Chip Greene"No one does vintage keyboard sounds as good as Nord. I was an instant convert, the first time I put my hands on an Electro 2 several years ago. The Nord Piano is without a doubt my instrument of choice for live performance. It gives the full range of 88 keys, and access to the richest Wurlitzer, Rhodes & CP-80 samples around. The Grand and Upright patches are amazingly expressive and have a beautiful resonance and decay… Not to mention, it weighs about half as much as the last keyboard I toured with. Whether I'm playing a solo-acoustic gig, or rocking out with my band, the Nord Piano gets the job done!"

- Chip Greene, solo artist

Gear: Nord Piano, Nord Electro 2

Chip Greene’s métier is matters of the heart. That alone doesn’t make him an original, but his meticulous examination of all the intricacies of a relationship is a great deal more detail-oriented than average. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Greene pens wistful tales of love and loss. His classic approach to melody is updated with layers of electronic textures, yielding atmospheric pop gems.

A talent that grew from a pre-teen passion into a life calling was raised by top-shelf song-writing influences from Joel to Springsteen, with the energy and emotion of U2 or Coldplay.  Greene digs deeply into a world of of determinate, piercing, and powerful thoughts. His alternative edge and classic, epic sound have earned him an ever-growing fan base and applause-worthy merit.

Greene's emotionally candid and poignant songs have charted in CMJ and been featured on Sirius XM Radio's Radar Report and in projects by MTV, Sprite and Eddie Bauer. He stands as one of the top unsigned acts on the radar, ready to lead the best of the rest.

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