Alex Rivas

Alex Rivas

Alex Rivas
Music Producer Audio Engineer,Keyboard player

About Alex
Alex Rivas is a Latin Grammy nominated piano player, Music Producer and Audio Engineer born in Holguin Cuba. He started playing piano at 8 years old. He would go on to be part of a famous band in Cuba called “SOS”.
He was one of the few people to leave Cuba on a music contract for a pop band in Spain. 

Alex became known as one of the best keyboard players around and was able to play with many artists all around Europe.

His dream was to come to the US of America and so he made that happen.  Since arriving in America he has not only went to school for audio engineering in Los Angeles, California, built his own studio from the ground up but he was able to go on some major tours and play with artists such as Franco De Vita, Reik, Kalimba, Frankie Negron, Fruko Y sus tesos and many more. 

Alex resides in Nashville Tennessee. He has made a name for himself there as a piano player and a producer at his home studio.   

nord Gear
nord Stage 3 nord electro 5

What Alex likes about nord The color and style is just amazing.  The second I played it I knew I had to get one for myself  and now all I play is nord.  I love that I don’t have to dive in menus anymore, everything I need to do is there at my fingers tips. I think nord is the ultimate performance piano and it always getting better and better.

Bands toured with Franco de Vita, Reik, Frankie Negron
Rob Clores
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Nord Artist Tyler Parkford
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