Alex Fischel

Alex Fischel "The Nord Stage 2 is a genuine workhorse of an instrument. It's intuitive, user friendly and reliable.  The pitch bend nob gives the keyboard a human quality lacked and organic feel lacked by its competition. Love it."

Gear: Nord Stage 2

Alex Fischel is born and bred of San Fernando Valley stock. He has considered permanently etching the 818 area code to his body on several sober occasions and is hoping to make the inner thigh tat a reality on his 23rd birthday. He received four A minuses during senior year of high school and won top honors for his role as teachers assistant in the short student film "Our Bodies, Ourselves." Alex LOVES muzak and makes his own beet purees which he sells at the Silverlake farmer's market every Tuesday. He's been known to say things like, "mix tapes are really coming back." Alex plays with Divine Fits, catch 'im crooning live in a town near you.

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