Rocco Dellaneve

Rocco DellaneveArtist/Keyboardist
Rocco Dellaneve

Nord Gear
Nord Stage 2 EX 76 HP

Nord Quote
The Nord Stage is an essential part of my rig. There's no other setup that allows me to do what I do with so much ease, flexibility and reliability. I get to have an incredible sounding synth bass patch on the left half of my board, Rhodes/Piano on the right, B3 organ and mellotron I can bring in with a foot controller as needed, and an external section to layer in additional external synths or to control an internal monophonic lead sound via an external midi controller. Plus, aftertouch allows for additional real-time modifications to any and all of it!

Rocco Dellaneve got his professional start as a composer/audio engineer for Mattel in 2007. Since then, he formed House of Logic Audio and went on to compose, edit speech, design sound effects, perform and sing for hundreds of products for many different brands all over the world. He's composed scores for film, performed internationally with several artists on keyboards and guitar, and has co-written a touring musical. As a voice talent, he's been heard on countless songs, commercials and toys. He's toured and taken the stage with Gin Wigmore, the Reign of Kindo, Jessie James Decker, Cody Simpson, Jackson Harris, Ginuwine, Sisqo, Jimmy Van Zandt Band and more. He also leads his own original project Forealists based out of New York City.

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