Kurzweil’s Forte® Series Welcomes a New Addition to Their Line of Premium Stage Pianos – The Forte 7

Kurzweil’s Forte® Series Welcomes a New Addition to Their Line of Premium Stage Pianos – The Forte 7WALTHAM, MA – July 17, 2015 – Kurzweil introduces the new Forte® 7 Premium Stage Piano, a world-class portable 76-note keyboard combining the best in engineering and artistry while offering the finest selection of sound.

The Forte 7 is latest keyboard available in the Forte® series. Boasting a new sleek design and interface modifications in a new compact package, the Forte 7 provides a fully-weighted Italian hammer-action keyboard with aftertouch. Its large, easy to use controllers are located in a new highly ergonomic position. The placement of the pitch/modulation wheels, variation, tap tempo and transpose switches now appear on the front panel to make the footprint as small as possible. Also, the latest OS, KB3 is now Polyphony Free* no longer using any of the Forte’s 128 voices.

Kurzweil R&D Soundware Engineer, Nick Gang, comments, “The Forte 7 is 11 inches shorter in length and weighs 7 pounds less than the Forte.” Gang continues, “The dimensions of the new keyboard allow it to fit in the backseat of a car or even your band mate’s trunk.”

According to Gang the Forte series is in a class all of its own due to its unique Kurzweil Sound Library and FlashPlay™ patented technology, providing extremely fast access to its massive sample memory (16 GB capacity). “Unlike many of our competitors, the keyboard requires an extremely short time to boot up giving you instant access to ultra-high definition, artfully voiced instruments.”

The newer sounds of the Forte series include hand-selected German and vintage Japanese concert pianos, as well as Rhodes (73’ and 77’), Wurlitzer (200A), Clavinet (two pickups) and a French Harpsichord (five dispositions). The orchestral percussion instruments such as the Celeste, Bells, Glockenspiel, Chimes and Crotales (hit and bowed) provide a rich fluidity of sound. In addition, the Forte series includes previous samples from the Artis and PC3 series.

“The development team will continue to release improvements and new features to the Forte series, they will only improve over time,” said Gang.

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*Does not apply to Vox/Farfisa programs.


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