Kurzweil Music Systems was founded in 1982 by Ray Kurzweil, who was inspired by Stevie Wonder after having collaborated on a reading machine for the blind. In 1983 the Kurzweil K250 was considered the first successful attempt to realistically emulate the sound of a grand piano. Since then, Kurzweil has been renowned for being a major innovator in the music tech industry and continues today stronger than ever under the proven leadership of Hyundai Development Co.

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Kurzweil is now launching their biggest advancement since the K250, the Forte, with revolutionary, patented technology and incredible new German and Japanese concert pianos and electric pianos in Ultra­High Definition (UHDTM). The Forte comes with thousands of new samples with huge dynamic range, no loops, and richness beyond imagination.

  • FlashPlay technology for very long samples - 16GB of flash ROM with lots of room for many dynamic levels and unlooped samples.
  • Polyphony:­ Full polyphony for organs - 128 voices for piano, e-piano, and hundreds of other sounds - 128 voices for waveforms, release samples, and other sounds.
  • New Color Display -­ 4.3” widescreen color LCD display.
  • Sounds: New UHD German and Japanese Concert
  • Grand Pianos with release samples ­ Several new UHD electric pianos with release samples - All the sounds from the PC3 and KORE 64 are included in high­def - 20 sound categories - 10 Favorites buttons for quick access.
  • Organ: KB3TM ToneRealTM organs - 9 Sliders for drawbar emulation and 9 buttons for organ control, multi zone mutes, etc.
  • Multis:­ 4 zones and 4 buttons to mute zones (above sliders) ­ Multis can be edited and saved via save button.

”When you look at what has been done to elevate the experience of an electronic keyboard to a whole new realm of creativity and experience, its really unprecedented. When we worked on the ad campaign, the same thought kept repeating itself in our brainstorming sessions: ‘Think of a real piano, now play it.’ When you hear, and play the Forte, we think you’ll have the same experience and excitement we did.” says American Music & Sound’s Marketing Director, Evan MacKenzie. Adding: “But if you know Kurzweil, or are getting to know the brand-this is much, much more than a Piano, it’s a whole new world of sounds to suit every creative vision.”

Additionally there are advancements to signature Kurzweil features, like KB3 tone-wheel organ emulation, the powerful VAST synthesis engine (with plenty of legacy sounds from the PC3 family) and the KDFX effects engine (now with over three times the effects resources of the PC3 series). The Forte shows what is possible when an instrument combines the best in engineering and artistry.

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Kurzweil’s Forte® Series Welcomes a New Addition to Their Line of Premium Stage Pianos – The Forte 7

New Kurzweil® Forte™ Premium Stage Piano Showcases Groundbreaking Flash-Play Technology

Representing the pinnacle of Kurzweil engineering and artistic expertise, the Forte combines game-changing technology with a new collection of multi-gigabyte pianos, electric pianos, claviers, and orchestral percussion.

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Introducing the Kurzweil KORE 64 ROM Expansion Card

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