Fostex Releases New RP-Series Professional Headphones

Fostex Releases New RP-Series Professional HeadphonesNEWBURY PARK, CA – AUGUST 26, 2015 – A studio legend is reborn - Fostex has just released the newly updated RP mK3 series headphones.

These redesigned models are the newest incarnations of Fostex’s legendary RP and T-series models, which for more than 30 years have been used as proven, reliable monitoring headphones in recording studios across the globe.

The new series includes three different versions, each specially tuned for different sound characteristics:

T20RP mk3 – Open construction for Deep Bass response
T40RP mk3 – Closed-backed design for Focused Bass response
T50RP mk3 – Semi-Open Design for Flat and Clear response

National Sales Manager for American Music & Sound, Kris McDougall, is thrilled at the debut of this new take on a studio legend:

“We’re really excited about the new RP-series headphones. Like many other Fostex products, these have been industry standards for years. It’s nice when we can take something as classic and well established as these unique headphones and really take them to the next level,” said McDougall.

The new headphones were developed with a re-designed housing to extract the maximum performance from the RP driver. The newly improved ear pads give better isolation and lower repulsion than the previous generation, while both the pads and headband have been redesigned for even more comfort. Fostex has also included two detachable cables with each pair of headphones: one for studio use, and one for use with mobile devices while on the go.

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About Fostex
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