Astatic 901 Boundary Mic Upgraded With Variable Pattern Technology

Astatic 901 Boundary Mic Upgraded With Variable Pattern TechnologyFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Solon OH - The incorporation of CAD’s unique Variable Pattern technology in the Astatic 901 makes it the only boundary mic that features a continuously variable polar pattern. (Infinitely adjustable between Omni and Figure-of-Eight).

The upgraded Astatic 901VP reduces the list of products an audio system integrator needs to consider when boundary condenser microphones are specified. The integrator can precisely tailor the polar pattern for the best performance depending upon the application or environment.

The polar pattern of the 901VP can be adjusted locally via an onboard potentiometer, remotely with CAD Audio’s Remote Variable Pattern Control Box (VPC-1) or electronically controlled using the 40-360 DSP cable and corresponding software with compatible digital signal platforms from Biamp® and Nexia®. The 901VP is primarily designed for speech and vocal pickup in governmental, institutional, House of Worship and corporate applications.

When placed on a hard surface, the 901VP will take advantage of the “boundary effect” increase in signal-to-noise ratio. The 901VP is terminated with a TA3M-type connector recessed in the body of the microphone and comes with 30’ [9.1m] of detachable microphone cable that is terminated with a standard 3-pin XLRM-type connector.

The 901VP is designed to resist interference from devices such as cell phones and two-way communication devices. The integral 80Hz, 12dB/octave high-pass filter removes unwanted low-frequency energy to improve intelligibility. The all metal body and shock absorbing rubber bottom make for easy placement on almost any surface.