Joe Brown

Joe Brown   FOH engineer Joe Brown had mixed for Nuno Bettencourt’s most recent bands and was brought on to the Extreme tour as an extension of his successful working with the guitarist. Brown has assumed that they would use resident desks wherever they played on the U.S. leg, especially for the House Of Blues-type venues.

    Like Phebus, Brown had previously worked on other digital desks, but it was the monitor engineer who opened Brown’s eyes — and ears — to iLive.

    “Jay put me in front of this desk in rehearsals and I figured it out in no time,” said Brown. “I was a little apprehensive at first because I’d never seen an iLive desk before. But to demonstrate just how powerful a tool it is, Jay asked me for my input list and before I’d finished a soundcheck, everything was in the desk and ready to go. I was dumbfounded and it was obvious I had to go the same route and have my own iLive at FOH permanently.”

    Phebus uses an iLive-80 on monitors, while Brown mixes on the larger iLive-112.