Jay Phebus

Jay PhebusWhen the band Vertical Horizon went out on tour this year, they tapped industry veteran Jay Phebus as their front of house engineer and tour manager. The group is best known for their Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping single “Everything You Want,” from the 1999 double-platinum album of the same name. This year, founding members Matt Scannell and Keith Kane decided to hit the road to promote the group’s new album, Burning the Days.

“I’ve been working with them for about three years now, but it’s mostly been a lot of fly dates,” notes Phebus. “But when they decided to do a real U.S. tour, I knew exactly what I wanted to take on the road with me.” That list was topped by the Allen & Heath iLive T-Series digital mixing console. Phebus opted for a standard iLive T-112 control surface with iDR-32 MixRack. “It’s got a great sound, a small footprint, and it’s incredibly flexible. And the price point is amazing, which is a real factor in touring these days.”

“Vertical Horizon is a relatively straightforward rock band, with two guitars, three vocals, bass and drums” notes Phebus. “There’s also some triggered percussion and keyboard parts from a hard disc machine, to give an authentic feel to their hits.” Both guitars are dual-output systems, with a piezo system complementing traditional pickups, which can be switched from electric to acoustic, or both simultaneously, so in effect there are four guitars available, two electrics and two acoustics, as needed.

With time-intensive duties as both FOH engineer and tour manager, the iLive was the perfect choice for Jay Phebus. “It’s a fraction of the setup time. The other day, I was busy and, literally 15 minutes before sound check, hadn’t even walked into the building. I walked in, put my iLive together, and was ready to rock. Nobody knew the difference.”