Vestax Corporation manufacturers the finest and most innovative DJ gear on the planet.  Providing a comprehensive range of professional products including DJ MIDI controllers, DJ mixers, turntables, CD players, specialized signal processing units, loudspeakers, and DJ accessories, Vestax offers today’s DJs with the gear they need to be at the top of the game.

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Vestax aims at producing premium products with the world's highest level of technologies to live up to clients' needs collected in its international sales division, sales outlets, and exhibitions that take place around the world. Vestax is not a company operating for itself only. The products are always developed from users' standpoints and what Vestax feels proud most is that the products represent a part of culture in music. They go on the market after a long process of repeated discussions with top musicians and strict quality control on production lines.

Product and Warranty Information:


Vestax Announces Typhoon is Coming

Typhoon is an affordable all-in-one Digital DJ System featuring professional platters based on Vestax’s ground breaking VCI-300 controller.

VFX-1 Serato Effects Controller Now Shipping

VFX-1, a MIDI effects controller, completes the VCI-300 and ITCH DJ control system.

Vestax VCI-380 now shipping!!

 Tokyo, Japan - May 28th 2012 - Vestax Corporation is happy to announce the VCI-380 is now shipping.


The latest version of Serato ITCH which includes specialized features for the VCI-380 will be available from May 29th 2012 9:00am JST.